8 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins for Compliance (Free & Paid)

What is GDPR and Why is it Important?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations that member states of the European Union must implement in order to protect the privacy of digital data. The regulation is also known as the EU Data Protection Regulation, Reg. No. 765/2016.

The regulation requires that personal data must be:
– Legitimate and necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed.
– Accurately and carefully collected.
– Processed in a transparent, consistent, and fair manner.
– Erased or destroyed where no longer needed and subject to regular monitoring.

Under the GDPR, websites must get explicit consent from users before collecting, using, or sharing user data. They must also provide users with clear and concise information about their rights under the GDPR, and ensure that users can easily exercise their rights.

The GDPR is important for WordPress websites because it provides a uniform set of rules for protecting the personal data of users in the European Union. This is important for both website owners and users, as it helps to ensure that personal data is handled in a consistent and fair manner.

What are the Best GDPR WordPress Plugins Available?

There are a number of GDPR-compliant WordPress plugins available to help website owners comply with the GDPR. These plugins can help you with GDPR compliance with tasks such as obtaining consent from users, managing cookies, and ensuring that personal data is securely stored.

1. Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent


The Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin is a great tool to help website owners comply with the European GDPR and CCPA regulations. The plugin automatically detects whether a user is from the EU or not, and then displays a GDPR cookie consent banner accordingly. Website owners can also customize the notice to their liking.

The GDPR compliance plugin is easy to install and use, and it is constantly being updated to ensure that it is compliant with the latest GDPR and CCPA regulations. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to comply with these regulations.

Key Features

Cookie Consent Notice

  • Configure a Cookie Notice for your specific region: European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil or Canada. Or use one Cookie Notice worldwide.
  • Configure specific cookie consent per subregion, for example: European Union + TTDSG/DSGVO/CNIL or USA + specific states for CCPA/CPRA/CTDPA etc

Consent Management

  • Automatically configures your WordPress website based on wizard questions, WordPress scans and dedicated service and plugin integrations.
  • Blocks 3rd party cookies like Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, AdSense, Hubspot, Recaptcha, Twitter, ActiveCampaign, and many more.

Privacy Laws and Guidelines

  • Ready for GDPR, ePrivacy AVG, RGPD, LGPD, DSGVO, CNIL, PECR, UK DPA, UK GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, PIPEDA, CASL, POPIA, Privacy Act 1988, Australian Privacy Principles, The “Marco Civil” and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.
  • Differentiate between GDPR, ePrivacy and DSGVO/CNIL or between CCPA/DNSMPI and NRS 603A, if needed.
  • We closely follow the latest developments in the ePrivacy regulation, the proposed Cookie Law for the European Union, and other legislation world-wide.

Legal Documents

  • A Cookie Policy; Generated by you with an easy wizard, drafted by an IT Law Firm.
  • Do Not Sell My Personal Information: DNSMPI Page for CCPA/CPRA – if required. (Now called Opt-out Preferences.)

Click here to see complete features.

Plugin stats:

  • 600,000+ active installations
  • 949 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free plan available; Paid plan starts at $49 for 1 website license with 1 year updates and support.

2. Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA By Hu-manity.co

Cookie Notice

Hu-manity.co provides a tool that allows website owners to create a compliant cookie notice in just a few clicks. With Hu-manity.co’s Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA, there’s no need to worry about compliance with GDPR or CCPA – just create your user consent notice and add it to your website, and you’re good to go!

Cookie Notice (Plugin Only)

Cookie Notice provides a simple, customizable website banner to help your website comply with certain cookie consent GDPR requirements.

Banner Features:

  • Customizable notice message
  • Consent on click, scroll or close
  • Multiple cookie expiry options
  • Link to Privacy Policy page
  • WordPress Privacy Policy page synchronization
  • WPML and Polylang compatible
  • SEO friendly

Cookie Compliance (Plugin + Web Application)

Cookie Compliance is one of the ultimate GDPR compliance toolkit that gives you access to the most up-to-date formatting guidelines and technical compliance requirements for over 100 countries and legal jurisdictions.

Banner Features:

  • Intentional Consent Buttons
  • Consent duration selector 
  • Cookie purpose categories 
  • Consent metrics 
  • Customizable Privacy Paper 
  • Configurable Privacy Contact 

Web Application Features:

  • Consent analytics dashboard 
  • Default configurations 
  • Automatic script blocking 
  • Consent record storage 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Multidomain management 

Plugin stats:

  • 1 million+ active installations
  • 2811 five-star ratings

Pricing: Cookie Notice and Compliance are available in free and paid plans with certain limits.

3. CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent plugin


The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is the perfect solution for compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It allows you to easily and quickly create a custom cookie policy for your website, and provides a elegant and user-friendly way for visitors to choose their cookie preferences. The plugin is highly configurable and can be easily customized to match your website’s look and feel. It’s also compatible with all major browsers and includes support for multi-language websites.

Key Features

  • Cookie consent banner with accept and reject options.
  • Access to CookieYes web app to access advanced features (cookie scan, consent log, etc.) 
  • Single click automatic scanning and categorization of cookies.
  • Display list of cookies on your cookie policy page by using a shortcode.
  • Fully customize the cookie notice style
  • Display cookies your website is using in a table on your Privacy & Cookies Policy page.
  • Configure CCPA/CPRA ‘Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information’ control to the cookie notice.
  • Cookie compliance under CNIL 
  • Cookie compliant with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) 

Plugin Stats:

  • 1 million+ active installations
  • 2074 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Paid plans available, starting at $10/month per domain. View full details here.

4. GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, DSGVO, Cookie Consent) By Moove Agency

GDPR Cookie Compliance

The GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin from Moove Agency is the perfect tool to help your website comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This plugin will add a banner to your website that allows visitors to choose whether or not they want to allow cookies. It also provides a link to your website’s privacy policy. This plugin is easy to install and configure, and it’s 100% free.

Key Features

  • Local Data Storage 
  • Simple to use
  • Give your users full control over cookies stored on their computer
  • Fully customisable – upload your own logo, colours, fonts
  • Fully editable – change all text
  • Set the position of the Cookie Consent Banner: at the top or bottom of your pages
  • Decide which scripts will be loaded by default or only when the user gives consent
  • ‘Accept’, ‘Reject’, ‘Close’ and ‘Settings’ buttons
  • Consent expiration settings
  • Link to Privacy Policy page
  • Simple, beautiful & intuitive user interface
  • Choose from two unique layouts
  • Sleek animations to enhance the user experience
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized for WCAG & ADA accessibility guidelines
  • WPML, QTranslate, WP Multilang, TranslatePress and Polylang compatible, .pot file for translations included
  • CDN base URL supported
  • Supports all major caching servers and plugins
  • Available in 17 languages
  • Optimised for PHP 7 and 8

Plugin Stats:

  • 200,000+ active installations
  • 109 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Paid plans available starting at £59.00/year for 1 website license.

5. Cookie Information

Cookie Information

Cookie Information is one of the best WordPress GDPR plugin available in the market. It is 100% free and is very easy to use. This plugin will help you easily create a compliant cookie notice and policy for your website. It is fully customizable and comes with a variety of features.

Key Features

  • Collects all your users’ consents to cookies
  • Can be customized to fit your website’s design
  • Works in +42 languages 
  • Ensures that your business complies with all cookie laws & GDPR
  • Stores all consents securely with the EU/EEA.
  • Is always up-to-date on any data privacy law 
  • Implement with your preferred CMS or tag manager.
  • Works on all websites on all CMS or any WordPress theme
  • Connects with a range of services like Shopify, Google Analytics, Google products and more
  • Comes with Google Consent Mode.
  • Get the support you need to get started
  • Pass through an audit by the authorities
  • Many more.

Plugin Stats:

  • 100,000+ active installations
  • 76 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Pay as you go plans available starting at 12.00/month for up to 500 web pages of single website.

6. iubenda


The Iubenda All-in-one Compliance for GDPRCCPA cookie consent plugin is the perfect tool for any website that needs to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

This WP GDPR compliance plugin provides an easy way to add a privacy policy to your website, and includes a built-in consent management system so you can keep track of which users have consented to what. It’s also fully compatible with the WordPress block editor, so you can easily add your privacy policy to any page or post on your site.

Key Features

  • Scan your site and have solutions auto-configured 
  • Easily generate a fully customizable cookie banner, manage cookie consent and store legally required GDPR consent proofs for cookies
  • Generate a CCPA notice with working DNSMPI link
  • Activate IABs TCF to maximize ad earning.
  • Quickly generate a fully customizable privacy and cookie bar
  • Auto-detect user location and auto-applies the correct data privacy settings
  • Capture, store and manage GDPR consent records for each contact form.
  • Effortlessly generate professional Terms and Conditions to protect you from liabilities and more
  • Translate all documents with a single click (supports 10 languages)
  • Compatible with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Total GDPR compliance for your website

Plugin Stats:

  • 100,000+ active installations
  • 240 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Paid plans available starting at $29/year for 1 website license.

7. Real Cookie Banner

Real Cookie Banner

The Real Cookie Banner GDPR wordpress plugin is a great tool for websites that needs to become GDPR compliant. 

Key Features

  • Consent Management
  • 150+ service template
  • 120+ content blocker templates 
  • Content Blocker for themes, plugins and that load custom scripts
  • Customize design
  • Guided configuration
  • Documentation of consents
  • Native in WordPress
  • All consents are processed and stored on your server. 
  • Supported Languages: English and German
  • Many more (click here for complete features under pro version)

Plugin Stats:

  • 100,000+ active installations
  • 291 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Paid plans available starting at €49/year for 1 website license.

8. illow – Cookies Consent


I’llow makes it easy to comply with the GDPR. Simply install the WordPress GDPR compliance plugin and add the banner to your website. I’llow is a great solution for website owners who need to comply with the GDPR.

Free Plan Features:

  • Available domains: 1
  • Views: Up to 5,000 unique views per month
  • Automated cookies categorization
  • Cookie policy included

Premium Plan Features:

  • Unlimited domain
  • Unlimited unique views per month
  • Fully customizable cookie notification banner
  • Automated cookie categories
  • Cookie policies included
  • Create your privacy policy in under 5 minutes
  • A log of every consent for audit
  • Multilanguage (text adapted to the user’s browser language)
  • Privacy alerts
  • WordPress Multisite 
  • Support response time: within two hours

Plugin Stats:

  • 600+ active installations
  • 73 five-star ratings

Pricing: Free and Paid plans available starting at $10/month for 2 domains up to 200,000 visits in total.


These are only few of GDPR plugins available, each with its own features and benefits. However, all of them share one common goal: to help you comply with GDPR regulation. By installing a GDPR plugin, you can be sure that your WordPress site is compliant with the new regulation.

So don’t wait any longer, install a GDPR Compliance WordPress plugin today and avoid any potential penalties.

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