Xiaomi and Li-Ning’s Affordable Smart Running Shoes Unveiled


Xiaomi has formed an alliance with Li-Ning, a Chinese shoemaker company to create a smart shoes. Xiaomi is well-known company for developing affordable but powerful smartphones, smartwatch, tablets and this attempt to create a smart shoe was indeed successful.

According to the official press conference held a few days ago, the Li-Ning smart shoes which is the outcome of their partnership comes with Bluetooth technology and it is made from durable materials to withstand the elements.

The Li-Ning smart shoes is also waterproof and sweat proof and it features a sport military grade sensor chips and it function as fitness tracker as it collects data on the smart shoes wearer like steps taken, how many calories burned, and other fitness related stats that a fitness band displays.

Lastly, these smart shoes are relatively cheap, priced at 199 Yuan ($32) and 399 Yuan ($64), and it is expected to be release in China this coming 20th of July.

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