Verizon Wireless Latest Technology: VZ Navigator 5.0


Verizon Wireless has announced the latest version of its mapping software, the VZ Navigator 5.0. The VZ Navigator 5.0 will become available for devices like BlackBerry Curve 8530, LG enV Touch, HTC Touch Pro2, and Samsung Omnia. The latest version of this software includes roadside assistance and integrated social networking features.  Under roadside assistance, you can now send your location and number with just a single click of a button. When it comes to social networking, there is integration with Facebook, allowing you to share your location information with friends and family in real-time. Other features of this latest technology are revised user interface, streamed map content, graphic alerts for upcoming road conditions and attributes, as well as voice search support for various devices. The VZ Navigator service will set you back $10 a month for unlimited access, or $3 for 24-hours of use.

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