USB 2.0 NeckTie Flash Drive


At these days technology is very far beyond our imagination. Have you ever imagine having a USB device on your necktie. Huh? What did you say? At my tie, but how? With the growing technology, USB in a tie is never been impossible. USB Tie Flash Drive is now made to suit a variety of professions, personalities and lifestyles, providing unique features. This USB tie seems to be a concept from Dialogo5 design firm. This latest portable storage device enable users to transfer data, photographs and images quickly and easily from one computer to another.

This is a pretty tie with flash drive on the bottom which is designed in a fashionable manner especially for the tie wearing professionals. Relevant data can be accessed anytime, anywhere without worrying where did you put your cd, dvd, because you know that you’ve been wearing that cool tie everyday, so be sure to purchase atleast 3 to 4 tie.haha just kidding. These are easily operable and represent a very convenient way of storing and transferring data between computers. It comes with a pleasant USB logo at the bottom. This USB drive has been made in a classic official tie design.

Highly convenient and practical to use and makes sure that you don’t forget them for your business lunch or meeting and PLEASE don’t ever forget that before washing your tie, try to remove or dettached the USB flash drive can be connected to keychain or else your USB will be damage for sure. You can keep that USB Tie in wallet and comes in varieties to make sure that you don’t forget them.

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