Sony’s Latest PSP: Sony PSP Go


Sony’s PlayStation Portable becomes the most popular gaming console to all the gamer enthusiast starting last year until now. The only gaming handheld device to make a real dent in Nintendo’s market share, selling 50 million units in total worldwide as of this February.

And because of that Sony has created a new techie gadget that will surely rock your gaming desire. Sony PSP Go, the next generation model of PSP where in the details were leaked in a video put up on a Sony website, before being taken down — but the game was up. In the vid, Sony’s John Koller says of the new console: “It’s a 3.8-inch screen, it’s 43 per cent lighter than the PSP-3000, 16 gigs flash memory, Bluetooth support and all digital content so the UMD drive goes away. So it’s going to be something a lot of consumers like – download straight to a hard drive.”

While precise details have yet to be unveiled, the Sony PSP Go will have similar multimedia functionality to the PSP, playing films and music. And you can also download movies from PlayStation Network.

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