Retouch3D – Perfect Tool to Finish 3D Prints


3D printing technology is trending nowadays and there are several 3D printers available in the market now ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars for the machine alone. Yesterday I’ve posted iMakr Cubicon Single 3D printer and today I’m going to share an awesome gadget that can be used to finish 3D prints perfectly dubbed as Retouch3D.

Retouch3D is the world’s first heated hand held tool you can use to polish your 3D print models using variable heat and interchangeable heads that will suit any specific 3D retouching tasks that you might need.

If you are familiar with rotary tools such as Dremel then this tool has the same concept, to make the job much easier for you instead of sanding your 3D models manually using your bare hands. With the help of Retouch 3D you can finish your project much faster and cleaner from slicing, smoothing and refining.

Retouch 3D has several tips available that you can use to heat up PLA, ABS, or Resin-based materials with ease. Don’t worry as there will be a chart to help you choose the perfect temperature for the material you would be working with. To find more information, head directly to Retouch3D Kickstarter page.

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