Premium Addons for Elementor Review


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What is Premium Addons for Elementor?

Elementor is a great WordPress builder plugin that allows you to create beautiful websites without having to code. However, if you want to take your WordPress website to the next level, you should consider using some of the best Elementor Addons for WordPress such as Premium Addons for Elementor by Leap13 to add unique features and style to your website.

I have Elementor Pro, Do I still need these Elementor Addons?

No doubt, Elementor Pro is powerful, but the truth is there is a limitation on what we can achieve in terms of design and functionality by using the Free Elementor even the Pro version.

As a WordPress developer, either we can custom code if we want to implement something using HTML, CSS and Javascript or rely on these third party Elementor addons that have their own unique features set. I’d rather pick the latter because custom coding needs a lot of time and research, and you need to make sure your code will be compatible to the latest WordPress version, otherwise it might stop working.

Most Elementor addons widgets are almost have something in common, but there are ones that have unique features that you can’t find on other competitors.

So be sure when buying licenses for these plugins, you compare them against each other to avoid overlapping feature set. And also keep in mind to install no more than 3 Elementor packs to your website as it will slow down your website because of additional code bloat added to your website.

Premium Addons for Elementor Unique Features

Premium Addons Global Features For Elementor

Elementor is a powerful website builder that makes it easy to create beautiful, modern websites. But with Premium Addons for Elementor, you can unlock even more features that will help your website stand out from the crowd. From advanced typography tools to powerful design elements, Premium Addons for Elementor offers something for everyone and can help take your website to the next level.

Horizontal Scroll

Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget Premium Addons For Elementor

Premium addons for Elementor give wordpress website developers the power to create stunning horizontal scrolling sections in a matter of minutes. With these addons, developers can easily customize their content with an array of pre-built modules and options. This allows them to quickly create eye-catching websites with minimal effort and time investment.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to import Horizontal scroll templates to Elementor.

Magic Scroll

Magic Scroll Global Addon Premium Addons For Elementor

PA Magic Scroll global addon is a powerful and versatile new feature which allows web developers to create unique scrolling effects that will take your website to the next level.

This global addon feature also helps users save time and energy by allowing you to easily customize the look, feel and functionality of your website with a few simple clicks.

Elementor Magic Scroll works seamlessly with Premium Addons’ popular widgets, including:

  • Carousel
  • Progress Bar
  • Video Box
  • SVG Draw
  • Image Layers
  • Image Comparison

SVG Draw

SVG Draw Widget Premium Addons For Elementor

PA’s newest feature, SVG Draw, is revolutionizing the way web designers and developers create websites. With Premium addons for Elementor SVG Draw, you can now animate SVG elements with ease.

You can bring your website to life with beautiful animations that draw attention to your content and enhance the overall user experience. Whether you want to create a stunning logo animation or a cool hover effect, these powerful tools are sure to help make your website stand out!

Image Layers

Image Layers Widget For Elementor Page Builder Premium Addons For Element

PA’s Image Layers widget provides a powerful and versatile way to create stunning visuals for websites. With the Image Layers addon, users can now add multiple layers such as images, lottie animations, and text to their projects, enabling them to create beautiful visuals quickly and easily.

The Image Layers widget provide a great way to add dynamic effects and make your site stand out from the crowd.

Floating Effects

Floating Effects Animation Premium Addons For Elementor

Floating effects bring literally unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing a WordPress website. It is compatible to all Elementor widgets with advanced customizations available giving you the ability to create any kind of site you can imagine, and with a little bit of creativity, the sky is the limit.

Custom Mouse Cursor

Custom Mouse Cursor Global Feature Premium Addons For Elementor

PA’s custom mouse cursor global feature is a unique feature you can add to your WordPress website to help you grab customer attention. This feature allows you to customize your website’s cursor with any image, icon or text. It provides an interactive experience to your visitors and helps them focus on the content, making it more engaging. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and works with any theme or plugin.

Premium Global Badge

Badge Global Addon Premium Addons For Elementor

This global addon is designed to work with any elementor content, allowing you to customize and display a unique global badge at the top of your website. With Elementor premium global badge, you can easily create eye-catching visuals that will help draw in customers and give your website an extra edge.

Background Transition

Background Transition Widget Premium Addons For Elementor

PA’s background color transition widget is a powerful feature for creating stunning web pages with sophisticated background transitions. With this background transition widget, users can now easily customize their background transitions to match any design style with just a few clicks. This simple yet effective feature can help you quickly create beautiful and engaging experiences that will keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Multi- Scroll

Multi Scroll Widget For Elementor Page Builder

This advanced multi-scroll widget has been specifically developed and tailored to maximize the potential of Elementor’s page building capabilities. With this widget, you can create beautiful scrolling designs that will dramatically enhance any website.

Blob Generator

Animated Blob Generator Premium Addons For Elementor

PA’s blob generator lets you unleash your creativity by playing with custom shapes or using a pre-made ready one. This feature gives you the freedom to create unique and eye-catching visuals that are sure to draw attention and make your content stand out. With the ability to customizecolors, sizes, shapes, and more, you can design the perfect blob for any purpose. So if you want to go beyond traditional photo editing, Premium addonsis a must-have!


Unfold Widget For Elementor Page Builder

This widget allows you to show more content in less area without compromising on quality. This is perfect for long text or a series of graphics and images where you can display a button like read more to expand the full content and read less to shrink the widget.

This will make your page look clean and organized while allowing readers to expand and explore further. The add-ons will guide you through the process of creating exciting and dynamic content quickly and effectively.

Other Widgets and Global Addons Available in Premium Addons for Elementor

Here are the complete list of available widgets and global addons available in Free version and Premium Addons for Elementor Pro.

  • Media Grid
  • Carousel
  • Vertical Scroll
  • Modal Box
  • Blog
  • Banner
  • Dual Text
  • Fancy Header
  • Heading
  • Progress Bar
  • Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Lottie Animations
  • Woo Products
  • Mega Menu
  • Pricing Table
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Image Separator
  • Counter
  • Countdown
  • Button
  • Image Button
  • Video Box
  • Google Maps
  • Image Scroll
  • Bullet List
  • Woo Carousel
  • Charts
  • Tabs
  • Tables
  • Content Switcher
  • 3D Hover Box
  • Icon Box
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Google Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Lottie Background
  • Parallax
  • Particles
  • Animated Gradients
  • Ken Burns
  • Alert Box
  • Preview Window
  • iHover
  • Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Behance Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Image Accordion
  • Image Compare
  • Image Hotspots
  • Divider
  • Site Logo

Premium Addons for Elementor Pricing

Premium Addons for Elementor is available in both free and paid version. You can get all the features on the Pro version which is available in yearly plan of $39/website per year or $79/year for unlimited websites with 1 year updates and support.

If you don’t like paying yearly subscriptions, there is also a one-time fee offer which costs $249, and you get all future updates with lifetime support from Leap13.

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