OWC Mercury Electra MAX 3G SSD

If you’re looking for the highest-capacity solid-state drive to date, then you might want to check the OWC Mercury Electra MAX 3G SSD. Featuring a whopping 960GB of storage capacity, this 2.5-inch solid-state storage is clocked at 3.0Gb/s for extreme performance and said to deliver¬† sustained reads up to 254MB/s and writes up to 250MB/s, up to 100X greater data protection than enterprise class Hard Disk Drives, and RAISE technology for RAID like data protection and reliability. This SSD is also equipped with technology like Asynchronous Tier 1/Grade A 2X-nm NAND Flash memory chips, a SandForce SF-2181 controller, DuraClass and DuraWrite technologies support, a built-in ECC function. The 960GB Mercury Electra MAX 3G retails for $1,269.99.

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