Onion Omega Board Hardware Specs

Onion Omega is one of the latest board somehow similar to Raspberry Pi which is designed for internet usage. This board is powered by a 400MHz processor paired with 64MB DDR2 and 16MB of internal storage. The Omega also features 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity and it has 16 GPIO ports.

The Omega is too compact that it just measure 28mm x 52mm. The Omega runs OpenWRT Linux operating system as well as the ability to use languages like Python, Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Lua and more.

Onion also created a Dock that exposes commonly used interfaces, such as USB, power supply, RGB LED, push buttons. In addition, the dock makes it easy to connect accessories such as stackable expansion modules or add-ons to the Omega board.

For more information on the new Onion Omega designed for the Internet of Things jump over to the official website for details.


According to the latest news about Onion Omega, the creator has announced a new list of future expansion modules for this tiny board that includes battery, sensors, GPS, Ethernet, audio and etc. As I have mentioned the Omega has a docking station for future upgrades.

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