Nokia E97 The “Future Mobile”


Resembling the offspring of a Samsung Omnia, the Nokia E97 concept from back in April and Verizon’s LG Versa, this glorious Chinese knock-off is the Nokla E97. The Nokia E97 has a unique pullout LCD screen, which can be removed from the handset just as you pull a paper from an envelope, and can double as a storage device or a desktop picture frame.  It has a folding and removable QWERTY keyboard, handwriting detection,and supports only GSM/EDGE networks. It has a 2.2-inch display, camera and Bluetooth. There’s also dual SIM card slots, an FM radio and an MP3 player. The Nokla E97 is available right now – if you’re willing to go to China to buy this latest technology for just 800 yuan ($117).

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