Lian-Li O Series Desktop Chassis are Thin and Wall-Mount Ready


Lian-Li has showcased its latest technology in a form of a thin mountable desktop chassis called the O series. The new O Series open-air cases are available in four different models: the mini-ITX PC-O5, mini-ITX PC-O5S, micro-ATX PC-O6S, and the ATX PC-O7S.

What’s unique about these chassis – they are all designed to be space saver and it utilizes a PCI RISER and extension for the graphics card so that it can be mounted in the case in a different position (not the common placement of the graphics card which should be directly connected to the motherboard) and at the same time features a full transparent side panel made out of a tempered glass window to showcase what’s inside the system.

For those who are not familiar how a PCI RISER is use, well it can be use to mount your graphics card anywhere in your case as long there is a bracket reader for your graphics card and holes for its connectivity ports. Most of the RIG modders use these PCI Risers so that they can place the graphics cards on the chassis that they have made/designed.

Wall mounting any of the O Series cases is optional. If you want to go on this route, you might want to buy a wireless keyboard, mouse, headset as well to enjoy your setup.  But if you don’t have extra budget then just place it on your desk like a normal desktop pc setup using an included aluminum stand with rubber grip, or horizontally on four attachable feet with rubber padding.

Cases with an “S” suffix denote water cooling compatibility, with the PC-O5S supporting radiators up to 240mm; the PC-O6S and PC-O7S support radiators up to 360mm.

Available in the US in February and the prices will go as below:

  • PC-O5: $289
  • PC-O5S: $319
  • PC-O6S: $379
  • PC-O7S: $419

If you are trying to find a liquid-cooling all set desktop pc case, then you may wish to inspect my current post about Thermaltake new Core P5 water cooling-ready transparent case.

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