Latest Gadget: Boogie Board No-Power LCD Writing Tablet


Here comes a new tablet which is NO-Power Technology, meaning this gadget don’t use power like other tablets available online. The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is a gadget designed without the need of paper and power. With it, users of all ages will truly say goodbye to paper forever.

This gadget is so easy to use, you just need to press on the surface using the stylus included or any suitable writing instrument, even your finger to create an image and then erase with the push of a button. Aside from using the stylus included in the package and your fingers, you can also use a cooking cutter, plastic compass to write on it.  Boogie Board features electronic Ink display with a flexible panel.

This writing board offers a reflective layer which does not requires any backlight resulting in zero power consumption. Aside from that this gadget is also known because of its portability. The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet weighs just about 4.2 ounces with dimensions of 8.8 x 5.6 inches. Since the whole writing tablet is made of plastic, Boogie Board can last for years.

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