Latest Concept of Laptop: iWeb 2.0 by Yang Yongchang

For all the techies and geeks out there, a new concept of laptop was announced by designer Yang Yongchang, the iWEB 2.0. This concept of laptop is really cool because it has a folding keyboard design which is really BIG. According to the author, the 6.5-inch laptop has multi-point touch and gravity sensing technology and can be equipped with full-size keyboard, if you fold it in thirds.

The designer wants to have a detailed and elaborate kind of keyboard, because as laptop manufacturers released their latest notebooks and laptops most of them have really small buttons. It’s also one of the reasons why more typographical errors comes out while typing your documents, blog article, and news letter. To improve the efficiency and enhance the interaction, the iWEB 2.0 also uses three shortcut keys: Zoom, WEB attributes and HOME button. In your opinion, do you think this concept is really cool? I want to know your thoughts and ideas with this concept.

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