HDTV Online Streaming with Western Digital’s TV Play

Western Digital’s TV Play is finally out. Now you can watch video on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VuDu, Sling and stream music from Spotify and Pandora using your HDTV. Western Digital also tries to set its box apart by incorporating additional services. There are channels for Twitter and Facebook as well. Like Apple TV, the WD TV Play doesn’t have any local storage, although the WD offers a USB port, so you can easily plug in an external drive full of movies and use WD’s interface to playback your entire music library. With support for DLNA devices, you could do the same thing wirelessly from your Mac, with the addition of some DLNA server software. There’s also a remote control included or you can simply download its free WD TV remote application for iOS and Android devices, just don’t forget to sync the app for you to use it. Western Digital’s TV Play sells for $70 each.

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