Grifta Modular Gamepad


Good news for all gamers out there, there is a new gaming gadget called Grifta Gamepad which offers a new level of gaming experience, performance and ergonomics. The Grifta is a 3 piece modular gamepad system which consists of a left unit, a right unit and a connector module.

Most game contoller like the Logitech Rumble, Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepad are handled with your left and right hand simultaneously and you use your fingers and thumb to play a game. What’s unique about Grifta is that it can be used by just a single hand together with your gaming mouse let’s say your left hand holds this gadget with the triggers, buttons, joystick, and D-Pad.

Even the buttons and the D-pad can be interchange from the left and right control unit. These things are possible with this game controller, as the creator one target is to suit the ergonomics of the human hand, whether you are right handed or left handed. If you want to use the Grifta as a standard gamepad design, you simply combine the left and right control unit using the connector module.

To know more about Grifta’s gaming mode and other features, you can head on their kickstarter page. Grifta gaming gadget will work for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. In addition to those four consoles, it also works with Windows PCs and Android devices. You do need a XIM adapter for the controller to work with the PS4, and either Xbox console.

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