OCZ Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard


OCZ Technology has introduced its latest techie keyboard,  the OCZ Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard that comes with nine dynamic OLED user-programmable hotkeys for more efficient access to applications. OCZ Sabre has 128MB onboard memory and 103 keys that allows users to have unlimited command and macro configurations. Remember that this keyboard was created not only for applications, but also for gaming. Having a lot of keyboard shortcuts to execute your combos and strategies will help you  kill your enemies easily. These OLED keys can convert any digital image or text into distinctive icons, reminding the user of the personalized shortcut.

OCZ Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard other features include Blue LED sidelighting effect, Amber OLED key lighting, super tactile, low-noise key feedback and a tilt design of 5 to 10 degrees. OCZ Sabre OLED keyboard uses USB 2.0 interface and works with 32bit Windows XP/Vista.  This device is one the best designed of keyboard I’ve ever seen,  and it really amaze users with its magnificent features and functionalities.

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