Blu Wearable Smartphone in the making


A new wearable technology has just announced via Kickstarter website called Blu. This wearable gadget is actually a smartphone that is flexible enough to be worn into your wrist. Blu is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex A57 processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 64GGB of built-in storage capacity.

The creator of Blue is looking to raise AU$600,000 to start with the production of this cool wearable smartphone.

“Blu isn’t a Smartwatch, it’s a Wearable Smartphone. Blu is the Smartphone on your wrist, the unique combination offering both the ‘power of a Smartphone’ and the ‘flexibility and convenience of a Smartwatch’.

Until now, our only option was a Smartwatch, offering only a small mirror of a Smartphone. Smartwatches just aren’t as “smart” as they could be. We wanted to create a truly smart device for people like you and me so we made Blu.

Blu is a Smartphone, the most personal device offering all the tools and full functionality ready at your wrist. Blu is convenience everywhere, making all activities simpler, faster and extend beyond the normal smartphone’s limits.”

Visit this link for more details about Blu and pledge starting from $252.

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