BenQ “World’s Slimmest” Monitor

BenQ, the leading LED monitor manufacturer has finally introduced its three latest and the world’s slimmest LED monitors in India. Yes they are three, this are the BenQ V2220 (21.5” W), V2420 (24.0” W) and V920 (18.5” W) these three are also known as BenQ’s V series. These three V series has the following features: LED backlighting technology, set apart by proprietary Senseye Human Vision Technology, which has six preset modes: Game, Movie, sRGB, Eco, Photo, and Standard. This latest monitor is also energy saving because it can consume up to 44 percent less energy compare to those other LED monitor.

They also have glossy black finishing design and their slim measure is from 14mm to 15mm. Because of their unique design and feature they were recognized by international design authorities with iF 2010 award. The BenQ V920, V2220, and V2420 cost Rs 8,999, Rs 14,999 and Rs 18,900 respectively. This world’s slimmest V series LED monitor are now available for purchase.

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