Apogee Groove USB Headphone Amp Now Available


Apogee Groove USB DAC and Headphone AMP is now available with a price tag of $295 according to the latest blog post by the company. I’ve introduced this portable USB headphone amp and DAC here in my blog earlier this year around the month of January and it’s just been released a few days ago.

This latest gadget is perfect for audiophiles who want to get the best audio quality out from their device. The Groove is a little bit pricey, but if the audio gains is superb then I can say it’s worth it.

To give you a quick re-cap, the Apogee Groove boasts 24 bit/192kHz audio using a constant current drive topology for smooth frequency response from headphones and a Quad Sum DAC. The device is also USB powered, meaning you don’t need any extra power cables or power source to operate. To find more details head on this post.

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