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Latest Gadget: Leyio Portable Wireless Gadget


The Leyio is a portable gadget that has a storage capacity of 16GB that stores your data securely and lets you share your files wirelessly to other Leyio owners. Leyio own point of view with this gadget is to used for sharing Facebook information, swapping digital entertainment or exchanging business cards. This latest gadget uses a short-range 5GHz Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) signal with a maximum transfer rate of 10Mbit/s, and has a detachable 2GB USB drive and a USB interface for connection to a PC. Leyio also features a 1.5inch LCD display, a free scale arm EJS 320MHz processor, a digital fingerprint sensor technology, vibrate function, 3 axis accelerometer and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Unfortunately, no word yet on pricing or availability.

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