Saturday , 22 July 2017
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Horizon MiniPAK Gadget Charger

Horizon has announced a new gadget, a charger that utilizes fuel cells using hydrogen which is more cheaper than any other charger. The MiniPAK gadget charger is the very first product based portable hydrogen fuel cells to compete in cost and serve you best features like an ordinary rechargeable batteries. It can be used to power mobile phones and other similar devices which is really handy. The MiniPak is capable of providing 1.5 to 2W of continuous power and the fuel cell’s used can produce 12Wh of energy, this power generated is produced through a standard USB port built in to the device and this USB port is used to connect devices such as an iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices including tablet computers. The MiniPAK gadget charger cost $100 in the market.

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