LG Tab Book: Hybrid Device Powered by Intel Core I5

LG has announced its latest technology in a form of a hybrid device (tablet and laptop) called LG Tab Book 11TA740-GA50K. The LG Tab

Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear

Android Wear has only been available for a few weeks since they have introduced the first Android wear devices last month like the LG

LG 18-Inch Flexible Transparent OLED Display

LG has revealed its latest technology in a form of an 18-inch Flexible Transparent OLED Display. If you were following LG’s creation for the

Honda unveiled a Newly Improved ASIMO

Do you still remember the Robot created by Honda 15 years ago? Yes, Asimo. Honda has recently announced an update with their Robot Asimo.

Xiaomi Mi4 Specs and Price in Philippines

Xiaomi has announced its latest smartphone called Mi4 which is said to surpass its best-selling Xiaomi Mi3. The Mi4 features a 5-inch Full HD

PlayStation 4 Destiny & Last of Us Remastered Limited Edition Consoles

If you live in Japan and you are looking for a limited edition gaming console you might want to check these out, the white

Samsung Z – First Tizen Smartphone in the World

Samsung has unveiled the world’s first Tizen OS smartphone dubbed as Samsung Z. This handset was actually scheduled to be release last July 10

Hummingboard Base Model vs Raspberry Pi Model B

If you are reading about Raspberry Pi Mini PC lately, here’s a new computer called the “Hummingboard” which has the same size with the

LG Kizon – Perfect Wearable Gadget For Your Kids

LG has launched its latest addition to its wearable gadgets, the LG Kizon. This wearable gadget is designed for kids particularly for the pre-school

Kyocera to Bring Sapphire Shield Displays to Future Smartphones

It seems like smartphone users are very much familiar with the Corning Gorilla glass that is used in the majority of smartphone available today,