SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco SSD Gen 2 Announced

SanDisk, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of storage device worldwide has unveiled its newest line-up of SATA 6.0 Gbps SSDs for Cloud

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus with Integrated Touchpad

Logitech has announced its newest wireless keyboard, dubbed as Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus. I’m a loyal fan of this company ever since

Lenovo C40 Haswell-Powered All-In-One Desktop PC

Lenovo C40 is one of the latest all-in-one desktop by the company featuring a 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD touchscreen display powered by Intel newest

HP Z27q 27-inch 5K IPS Monitor

HP has announced its latest display technology, dubbed as HP Z27q 5K. This newest monitor by HP is a 27-inch IPS LED-backlight monitor with

Lian Li DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk PC Chassis

Lian Li is a well-known company that creates unique desktop system cases and a few months ago I’ve featured their wall mounted water cooling-ready

Creative Sound Blaster FRee WaterProof Bluetooth Speakers

Creative has announced its newest speaker but this time a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker called Sound Blaster FRee. This speaker can play non-stop music

Flitchio: World’s First Smartphone Case with Built-in Game Controller

If you are looking for a unique case for your smartphone, then you might want to check this newest smartphone case with built-in game

Logitech’s Latest Steering Wheels: G29 for PS & G290 for Xbox and PC

Logitech has unveiled its newest gaming peripherals in the form of a steering wheel for PC, PS4 and Xbox, dubbed as Logitech G29 and

AxiomAir Raspberry Pi-Powered Multiroom Wireless Speaker

Axiom Audio, a Canadian speaker maker has announced its latest technology in the form of a Raspberry Pi-Powered wireless speaker dubbed as the new

Razer Announces Improved Kraken Pro 2015 Gaming Headset

Razer has announced an update to its gaming headset, the Razer Kraken Pro now with inline volume and mic mute controls. Razer is a