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Best Laptop Cooler

Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2016


In this article, I will review the best laptop coolers available online that you might want to check and buy to give your gaming laptops and notebook the best cooling performance. Remember, the more stress that your laptop computer handle, the more processing it will need, thus resulting to more heat inside the system. It is normal that you will experience some lag when your computer overheat and worse case, it will shut down itself to prevent some serious damage inside. That’s where laptop coolers takes action, to cool your device either by extracting the heat inside or blowing cool air inside. Always aim for a better temps for your laptop, to have a lag free game play and the best of all, your laptop will be able to last for several years as it will avoid potential damages from overheating.

Laptop Cooling Pads Benefits

Laptop coolers or laptop cooling pads as they call it is a gadget design to cool our laptop or notebook, by pushing cool air inside the laptop from the bottom and for other laptop coolers, it act as an exhaust fan – sucking the hot air inside the system and funnel it through the laptop cooler. By utilizing such device, you will see that your laptop will become more efficient with prolong life span because you are actually allowing cold air to get inside the system, cooling all the laptop internals, avoiding overheating issues.

In addition, aside from the cooling capabilities – this cooling pads also comes with an extra functionality such as added USB ports which you can use if you have already used the 2 to 3 USB ports on your laptop. Some laptop coolers have also unique features where in the fan speed levels can be adjusted using buttons from the cooling pad itself. I have also seen a laptop cooler with fans that can be adjusted, depending on your preferred position to maximize the airflow going through the laptop.

Believe me, this coolers really worked and based from experience, regular usage of this device will really give your laptop machine longer life span, compared to laptops that don’t have this cooling devices to aid their system.

Before I reveal the best coolers for your laptop, I just want to emphasize that these devices are not just for the gaming laptops under 500 that you see on the homepage, but to all laptops in the market whatever price and size it is, as you will be able to find the appropriate size for your device as we go through.

Amazon’s Best Selling Laptop Coolers

These laptop cooling devices are selected according to Amazon best selling laptop coolers. There are 2 types of laptop coolers I’ve featured on this blog, the standard design laptop cooler which blows cool air from the laptop bottom chassis, and an exhaust/vacuum type cooler that is attached on the laptop airvents and pulls the heat using a powerful turbine fan.

You can also check customer reviews for each product to help you decide whether to buy it or not. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to get the best appropriate cooler for your gaming laptop. Enjoy your stay here in my blog and just comment down below if you have some questions or suggestions regarding the items below.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

tree-new-bee-cooling-padPerfect for 15.6″ to 17″ laptops, the Tree New Bee laptop cooler comes with 4 x blue colored 120mm 1200 RPM fans that can be controlled using its built-in 2 fan speed controller. The cooler has also adjustable feet that you can adjust depending on your preferred height.

In addition, it has also extra USB port that you can use when you have run out of USB ports on your laptop and two folding arms to prevent the laptop from sliding through the dock station.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-slim Laptop Cooler


Cooler master, one of the best companies creating computer peripherals such as gaming system cases, gaming mouse, gaming keyboards has also created an ultra-slim cooling pad for gaming laptops and notebooks, the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim laptop cooling pad.

It utilized a large 160mm 1500 RPM single fan under a mesh screen and it is compatible for laptops with 15 to 17-inches in size. It has an adjustable height settings, cable management grooves, and it can be powered using its USB connector with pass through design so that you will not lose a single USB port in your laptop.

Opolar LC06 Laptop Heat-Sucking Design Cooler

opolar-lc06-laptop-fan-coolerThis 2016 laptop cooler has a unique design because instead of blowing cold air to the bottom of the laptop, it sucks the hot air inside through the exhaust system of your laptop.

Installing the Opolar LC06 is pretty simple, you just need to attach the device on the side of your machine using its mounting accessories and connect to the USB port and you are good to go.

According to the creator of this cooling device, it can lower the temps of your machine from 18 to 50 F degrees in a minute which is more efficient than traditional laptop coolers.

Other amazing features of this laptop cooler include LED temperature display that reads the air coming out from the vent. There is also adjustable settings for the device, to adjust the power, noise, etc.

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler

tekhome-super-vacuum-fan-laptop-coolerThe TekHome Super Vacuum laptop cooling device has a similar concept with Opolar laptop coolers, to pull the hot air inside your gaming laptop. It features a multi-blade turbine fan, 100% copper coil, and permanent magnet inside.

Important features of the TekHome Super Vacuum include adjustable wind settings, portable design with awesome lighting effects, and lastly – it is compatible to wide range of laptops and notebooks in the market.

Installation is pretty straight forward as well, it comes with its own mounting accessories and it should be place on the laptop exhaust vents. To know more about this project, check out the product link below as well as custom reviews for the TekHome Super Vacuum cooler.

Thermaltake Massive TM Notebook Cooler

thermaltake-massive-tm-notebook-coolerThermaltake is another company that is very popular in the computer industry, they have created different computer peripherals from gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, gaming headset, system cases, and even notebook and laptop accessories like the Thermaltake Massive TM laptop cooler.

In terms of features, this cooler comes with dual 120mm fans that can be adjusted automatically or manually depending on your preference, as it comes with temp sensor located on the four areas to help it during auto cooling mode. In addition, this laptop cooler also sports a display control panel for you to navigate and even lock your current fan speed settings. Height can also be adjusted and it also comes with an extra USB ports at the back for you to use when you have utilized all the ports on your laptop.

Thermaltake Massive V20 200mm Ultra Cooling Fan


Another great ergonomically design 17-inch laptop cooler from Thermaltake, the Thermaltake Massive V20 features a huge 200mm cooling fan with a sturdy built made from quality materials. It also comes with fan controller, LED light switch, cable management, extender, and height-adjusted feet.

Kootek Cooling Pad Chill Mat


If you are looking for a silent-type laptop fan cooler, then you might want to check out Kootek’s chill mat. This cooler features 5 cooling fans, 4 x 2.76″ small fans and 1 x 5.9″ big fan. This device is compatible to almost any kinds of laptop brands with sizes from 12 to 17-inches.

Other features of the Kootek notebook cooler include metal mesh front, ergonomic stand with 6 levels of height adjustment, LED lighting, fan controllers, 2 x USB ports, and anti-slip design.

Silent Type 6 Fan Laptop Cooler


Another silent type fan cooler, this device features a 6 powerful fans with LED display on the front that shows the fan speed. It also comes with anti slip design using baffle, extra USB ports, and it’s made from ABS plastic for optimum durability. This laptop cooler supports up to 16″ inch gaming laptop machines.

ThreeLeaf G20 Super Vacuum Laptop Cooler

threeleaf-g20-super-vacuum-laptop-coolerThe ThreeLeaf G20 Super Vacuum has a heat-sucking design and it comes with a powerful internal turbine fan motor which can be set up to 3200RPM, 3 times cooling performance from an ordinary laptop cooling dock. Installing this laptop cooler is very easy using the 3M adhesive tape, attach to the air-vents of your laptop and you are reading for gaming in your laptop.

DreamSky Portable Laptop Cooler


The DreamSky Portable laptop cooler is also one of the best laptop coolers available in the market today featuring a heat-pulling vacuum design for optimum cooling performance for your gaming laptop.

It comes with 4 different silicon sleeves to support various sizes and brands of gaming laptops. This type of laptop coolers are proven and tested to extract both surface and internal temperature just in few minutes which is far better than standard bottom airflow cooling pads.

That’s it for now folks, I hope you like this article. Keep on visiting this page as I will update this from time to time, once I’ve found a good performing laptop coolers that will be released in the market this 2016. Feel free to share this article to your friends who are looking for ways to cool their netbooks, notebook, laptops using the social media buttons below.


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  2. This cooling pad is a more traditional design, sitting underneath the laptop and featuring 4 fans. The True New Bee Black and Blue pad gets its power from a USB cable and has an extra USB port on the side, so you don’t have to sacrifice a port on your computer. This is increasingly important as we have seen laptops coming with fewer USB ports in recent years. On the bottom are 4 feet, allowing you to raise the laptop off of a table or desk, though not very far. You can also just use the back legs to raise the laptop screen slightly.

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