6 Best WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins (Free and Paid) 2023

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As a retailer, you want to ensure that your customers receive the product at the right time and quite often customers want the product at an affordable price.

If you want to give your customers the best experience, then you need to provide them with the best shipping options and table rate shipping is the best option.

In this blog, we review 6 of the best WooCommerce table rate shipping pro and free plugins available in the market, which will add powerful features to WooCommerce default shipping option.

Top 6 Table Rate Shipping Plugins for Woocommerce

There are a lot of table rate shipping plugins out there, but which ones are the best?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 6 Woocommerce table rate shipping free and pro plugins in 2023. Each table rate shipping module extends WooCommerce basic functionalities.

1. Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

Table Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce By Flexible Shipping

Shipping charges are crucial to the success of an eCommerce business, and while you want to charge customers as little as possible, you want to make sure they’re not spending too much and abandoning the site due to high shipping rates.

Flexible Shipping plugin can help you set how your orders are shipped and how much they cost, allowing you to undercut any competitor with ease and generate more sales!

Flexible Shipping is a must-have for any WordPress site with WooCommerce installed!

Shipping Examples Supported by Flexible Shipping WordPress Plugin

  • Shipping costs based on cart weight
  • Shipping costs based on cart total
  • Adding handling fee or an insurance cost after reaching a certain order value
  • Creating COD (Cash On Delivery) shipping method with additional costs
  • Different shipping costs for different shipping classes, products or product categories (PRO)
  • Disabling/hiding the shipping method if the configured rule has been matched in the cart (PRO)
  • Additional cost added to whole order and/or per each one product in the cart (PRO)
  • Enabling/disabling the shipping method based on the Time of the Day and Day of the week (PRO)
  • Hiding the shipping method for certain products

Free Features Available

  • Unlimited shipping methods and costs calculation rules
  • Possibility of adding the titles and descriptions to your shipping methods
  • Shipping cost based on cart total and/or weight while using this plugin
  • Set up a fixed minimum and maximum values for cart total and/or weight
  • Summing up the costs of e.g. two different rules at the same time e.g. one based on cart total and the second based on weight
  • Free shipping over amount threshold
  • Option to display the selected shipping methods only for logged-in users
  • Further shipping companies integrations (see the info below for more details)
  • WPML and Polylang compatibility
  • Built-in ready to use scenarios
  • Automatic notification about shipping zone configuration conflict
  • Cart calculation settings (added to his cart or package value)
  • Built-in tutorial with step-by-step guide


  • Free and Pro versions available starting at $89/year for 1 website
  • Flexible Shipping Bundle – 7 plugins included for $129/year
  • All Plugins Bundle – 18 plugins included for $249/year
  • For complete details on what is included on the pro and bundle offerclick here.
  • 540 five-star ratings
  • 100,000+ active installations

2. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping By Jeroen Sormani

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping By Jeroen Sormani

This fully customizable table rate shipping plugin is designed to make it easy to implement advanced settings to your table rate shipping on your WooCommerce site. This plugin will help you set shipping rates based on factors such as weight and total shipping price, and you can create additional shipping rates for particular shipping method.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce shipping zones
  • Easy to use – very intuitive user interface
  • Define the shipping label that shows up in the cart for the buyer
  • Define Shipping by Total Cost
  • Define Shipping by Weight
  • Include or exclude Tax
  • You can set up multiple tiers – effective for most stores
  • Add additional handling fees for each order

Pro Features

  • Set up unlimited shipping services e.g. Standard Shipping, Express Shipping
  • Shipping can be driven by Country, State or Zip/Postal Code
  • Use WooCommerce built-in Shipping Classes allowing for complex rules
  • Pro allows you to easily base shipping on the number of items in the cart
  • Calculate shipping based on the weight of items (lbs or kg, imperial or metric)
  • Include a handling fee in your shipping costs
  • Provides amazing flexibility for your store
  • Fanatical Support
  • …and much more


  • Free version available
  • Pro version plans $79/$149 per year for 1/5 personal or client site licenses with support and update for 1 year
  • Pro lifetime $249 one-time fee for 100 website licenses; lifetime support and updates included
  • 65 five-star ratings
  • 10,000 active installations

3. Fish and Ships Flexible Shipping Table Rate

Fish And Ships Table Rate Shipping Woo

Fish and Ships is a great free WooCommerce table rate shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It’s easy to use and configure, and it offers a variety of options for shipping rates. This plugin allows you to set your rates based on weight, price, volume, or category, and you can also configure conditional free shipping, local pickup, or flat rate shipping.

List of calculation methods with Fish and Ships:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Cart items
  • Min/Mid/Max dimensions
  • In shipping class
  • NOT In shipping class
  • Volumetric [PRO]
  • Length+Width+Height total [PRO]
  • Length+Girth (Length + 2Width + 2Height) [PRO]
  • In category [PRO]
  • NOT In category [PRO]
  • Tagged as [PRO]
  • NOT Tagged as [PRO]
  • Cart total (subtotal cart – discounts) [PRO]
  • User role: customer, subscriber, etc. [PRO]
  • Date selectors: Weekday, Day of month, Month, Year, Full date, Day of year and Time. [PRO]

All item above can be combined with AND / OR logical operator, on every rule. [OR only on PRO]

Other Features Included on Fish and Ships Free and Pro:

  • Add custom messages
  • Rename WooCommerce shipping method
  • Add extra info when conditions match
  • Auto-apply coupons [PRO]
  • Math expressions parser to calculate shipping rates [PRO]
  • Apply tax or not over the calculated shipping rate
  • Minimum shipping price
  • Maximum shipping price
  • Supports multi-currency WooCommerce plugins
  • Support WooCommerce product bundles
  • Multilingual support using the WPML plugin
  • Export/Import as a CSV
  • Free shipping support
  • and many more (click here for free and pro comparison)

4. Conditional shipping & Advanced Flat rate shipping rates by PI Websolution

Conditional Shipping Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Rates 1

This WooCommerce table rate shipping plugin free and pro available, is extremely flexible, giving you highly customizable shipping options to create your own rules for when the Advanced Flat Rate shipping method will be available to the buyer. It also allows for table rate shipping through additional charges, similar to the methods in the WooCommerce table rate shipping plugin.

Available rules on free version

  • Country-based shipping rates
  • Product-based shipping rates
  • Category based shipping method
  • Cart Sub Total based shipping rates
  • Quantity based shipping rates
  • User-based shipping rates
  • Free shipping coupon support
  • Show a different shipping method when there is a back order product present in the cart

Available rules on pro version

  • Postcode/Zipcode based shipping rates (costs depends at the zip code)
  • State-based shipping rates
  • City/town
  • Zone-based shipping rates
  • Cart Sub Total (after discount) based shipping rates
  • Weight-based shipping rates
  • Product Width based shipping rates
  • Product Height based shipping method
  • Product Length based shipping method
  • Coupon based shipping method
  • Shipping class-based shipping method
  • Payment method based shipping method
  • User role-based shipping method
  • User city based method
  • Shipping class total
  • Shipping class total quantity of product in cart
  • Different Shipping method on specific time of the day
  • Shipping method based on Day of the week
  • Shipping method based on Selected delivery day
  • Shipping method based on Attribute
  • First order free shipping
  • Last order total
  • Number of orders total
  • Total spend on your website
  • Exact set of product or set of category of product
  • Exact set of product or set of category of product not present in the cart
  • Remove all other shipping methods of this plugin
  • Disable all the shipping methods
  • Remove all other shipping methods of low priority of this plugin


5. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce By Bolderelements

Table Rate Shipping For WooCommerce By Bolderelements

This table rate shipping plugin offers adding multiple rates for a given customer based on a variety of conditions set by admin. These can include shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and so much more.

With this WooCommerce table rate shipping pro plugin, you have the flexiblity to offer your customers different rates for any particular Woocommerce order based on a variety of conditions that you set.

Key Features

  • Based conditions and prices on groups of products based on:
    • Order
    • Individual Products
    • Cart Line Items
    • Shipping Class
  • Works with WooCommerce Shipping Zones
  • Multiple instances allowed in each zone
  • Extensive list of conditions:
    • Subtotal
    • Quantity (products or per product)
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Width
    • Length
    • Surface Area
    • Volume
    • Shipping Class
    • Product
    • Category
    • Date Range
    • Day of Week
  • Multiple conditions allowed in each table row
  • Numerous costs from two different shipping options ore more:
    • Flat Price
    • Percentage of Subtotal
    • Multiplied by weight, length, width, height, surface area, volume quantity
    • For every x number of currency, weight, dimensions, and number of products
  • Multiple Costs allowed in each row to create combinations such as:
    • Flat fee + percentage for fuel surcharge
    • Base fee plus additional weight increments
  • Drag ‘n Drop table rows to control the priority of the conditions and costs
  • Disable Shipping Taxes per instance
  • Limit Table Rate methods based on user role
  • Dimensional weight calculations (volume multiplied or divided by a given number)
  • Base subtotal conditions inclusive of tax
  • Base subtotal conditions inclusive of coupons
  • Round weight to next whole number
  • Option to hide this method when the Free Shipping method is active
  • Add description text below the shipping option’s title and price to add more detailed information
  • Choose which method is selected by default (default shipping options)
  • Hide other options in the same method when customer qualifies for the selected method


  • Paid only – $25 one-time fee with future updates and 6 months support
  • 20,792 sales in Codecanyon
  • 4.65 average ratings out of 755 users who rated the plugin

6. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping by Sormano

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping By Sormano

With WooCommerce Advanced Shipping you can create shipping rates based on conditions, without any coding. This gives you complete control over who you want to charge what, making it easy to get started. You can base your rates on factors like weight, volume, country and state, so you can set the perfect shipping rate for every customer.

This flexible shipping rate plugin has many features that will make your shipping strategy a success.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple shipping methods
  • Shipping based on conditions
  • No coding required
  • Easy to use
  • Conditional logic (cart based, user based, product based)
  • Shipping per country, state, city or zip
  • Shipping rules for different products
  • Volume based pricing
  • Table rate shipping
  • Unlimited shipping methods
  • 2 extensions available: shipping zones and advanced pricing


  • Paid only – $23 one-time fee with future updates and 6 months support to ensure plugin has no bugs
  • 4.88 average ratings out of 493 users who rated the plugin
  • 15,215 sales in Codecanyon

What is Table Rate Shipping and Why is it Important for Online Stores?

As an online store owner, you’ve probably heard of “table rate shipping.” But what is it, and why is it important?

Table rate shipping is a shipping method that allows you to charge different shipping cost for different products or rates based on the destination, weight, or price of the items being shipped.

This can be a great way to save money on shipping, and it’s also a good way to make sure that your customers are getting the best possible shipping rates.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using table rate shipping.

First, you’ll need to make sure that your shipping rates are accurate. You don’t want to overcharge or undercharge your customers.

Second, you’ll need to make sure that your shipping rates are fair. You don’t want to charge too much for shipping, or your customers will go elsewhere.

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure that your shipping rates are consistent. You don’t want to charge one customer $5 for shipping and another customer $10 for shipping. This will only confuse your customers and make them less likely to shop with you in the future.

If you keep these things in mind, table rate shipping can be a great way to save money on shipping and to make sure that your customers are getting the best possible shipping rates.

The Benefits of Using a Table Rate Shipping Plugin for Your WooCommerce Store

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, then you know that shipping can be a real headache. There are so many different shipping options available giving you highly advanced settings and it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s where a table rate shipping plugin can be a real lifesaver.

Easily Create Shipping Rules

With a table rate shipping plugin, you can set up advanced shipping options based from different shipping rules that automatically calculate shipping costs based on factors such as weight, destination, and shipping method. This can help you keep your shipping costs under control and avoid overspending.

Flexible Shipping Options

Another benefit of using a table rate shipping plugin is that it can help you offer more flexible shipping options to your customers. With a table rate shipping plugin, you can offer a variety of shipping options, such as flat-rate shipping, free shipping, and even expedited shipping. This can be a great way to meet the needs of your customers.

With a table rate shipping plugin, you can easily create shipping rules that are based on the products in your store, the shipping destination, the shipping method, and more.

This makes it easy to set up complex shipping scenarios and make sure that your customers are always getting the best possible shipping rates.

Save Money on Shipping

In addition, table rate shipping plugins can help you save money on shipping. By using the right plugin, you can automatically get the best shipping rates from multiple carriers, which can end up saving you a lot of money.

Calculate Shipping Rates for Multiple Destinations

With a table rate shipping plugin, you can easily calculate shipping rates for multiple products and destinations. This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you have a large inventory.

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, then a table rate shipping plugin is definitely something to consider. There are many benefits to using a table rate shipping plugin, and it can be a great way to streamline your shipping process.

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