YouTube For Kids: Android App that shows Safe Videos for Kids


YouTube for Kids is an android app specially programmed to display child-friendly videos and it will be available this February 23rd in the Google Play Store. I’m sure majority of internet users are very familiar with YouTube, a popular video sharing site that host millions of different videos e.g. how to videos, tech reviews, gadget unboxing, TV episodes, music videos, funny videos and many more.

The fact that this video sharing platform also host contents with disturbing scenes such as violence, and adult-themed content, your children may accidentally browse similar videos to this site and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

That’s the reason Youtube for Kids app was created to filter these content and to show videos which are appropriate for your children. The Youtube Kids app has a child-friendly interface displaying large icons and images. It can also detect and reject keywords searches that are related to adult-theme and other sensitive videos.

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