Why You Should Install Dome G90 Car DVR?


A few months ago while looking for a Car DVR online, I’ve found this Dome G30 and it’s really a good dash cam which I got for a very affordable price. Today, I’m going to feature its successor, the Dome G90 Dash Cam which can be purchased online via gearbest.com for only $60.99.

Car DVR is a good investment and I do personally recommend getting one for your vehicle as it provides added security to your car and at the same time you can use it to record the beautiful scenes and memories while you are on the road for vacation.

In terms of specification, the Dome G90 features a 2.7-inch Full HD display powered by Ambarella A7 chipset. The recorder comes with 5.0 MP CMOS image sensor with a wide angle lens of 170 degree and can capture images up to 13MP.

The Dome G90 Car DVR used advanced H.264 photography compression technology and is also equipped with G-sensor that can detect a sudden emergency movement e.g., someone hit your car and securely locking the video file recorded during that time.

The G90 dash cam will automatically turn on when the car starts and you could expect of a high quality recordings from the device as it is equipped with powerful hardware and sharp lenses to provide crystal clear and non-deformed images.

In my opinion, the reason why we must get one of these inexpensive car DVR is we can use the recorded videos as an evidence if in case there is an accident that happened and there are no witnesses available.

I was a victim of this kind of modus before when my car was hit by a motorcycle and the witness reported to the police that I was the one to blame for that accident and end up paying for the damages which is really a sad and frustrating experience for me and my family. That is the reason why I purchased this gadget to prevent that from happening again.

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