WeraMouse V2 Ergonomic Mouse


The WeraMouse V2 which is know as Ergotouch Mouse is just a little output out of the rapid changes of our technology. This mouse is smaller  the common mouse you’re using, The good thing about this is that it is wireless and you don’t need to put it on your desktop. Instead, you hold the WeraMouse in your hand and operate your computer wirelessly from up to 25 feet away.

How come? Well, pretty simple. The WeraMouse V2 is actually a trackball with a scroll wheel and pistol-grip button. This is supposed to reduce wrist strain that occurs when using a normal mouse. Wrist strain happens because you are forced to stay in a certain position for hours and usually your wrist is twisted. Well, the WeraMouse V2 allows you to maintain a more natural position while doing mouse-only activities such as surfing the web, turning e-book pages, swapping through pictures and so on.

Battery life for the WeraMouse is rated at up to 28 hours on a single charge, and when it’s not in use, there’s a charging dock that’ll juice the WeraMouse back up in about 90 minutes.

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