Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear


Android Wear has only been available for a few weeks since they have introduced the first Android wear devices last month like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear live. This Google’s android platform has only a few apps in the beginning until lately where in coders have already made their move to create a web browser for these kinds of devices which I think is really a huge step for this kind of technology.

The developers named it as ‘Wear Internet Browser’ where user can browse the web using their smartwatch. It also supports pinch zoom, HTTPS, and can save and share bookmarks to your smartphone using Android Share feature. Though I’m sure you will not always use this Wear web browser because of its size if you have already a smartphone with a huge display to check your Facebook, Twitter updates or simple you want to search something in Google, right? But the fact that you can browse the web through your smartwatch sounds really techie.

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