WayTools Donates TextBlade Keyboards on Keys for Kids Mission


TextBlade Keyboard and Apple iPad for Digital Learning

While searching for updates regarding TextBlade Keyboard, I’ve seen this press release wherein the company WayTools has donated 10,000 TextBlade for educational purpose after the successful launched of its compact magnetic wireless keyboard to over 70 countries. The schools granted from this program are elementary schools that use iPad as a tool for learning.

Teachers have observed that children became lively as they are really enjoying using such technology like iPad but the absent of a physical keyboard may result to slow writing as they only used their eyes and tap on the screen instead. For them to learn how to write proficiently these kids need a real keyboard and TextBlade is the answer for their needs.

What is TextBlade Keyboard?

TextBlade keyboard is one of the best keyboards ever created as it is small enough to fit inside a children’s pencil case. This wireless keyboard is perfect not only for kids but also to professionals who use tablet pc to do their work. Like for instance me as a blogger, I prefer typing using a real keyboard instead of just tapping keys from the screen, I can type faster and more accurate with using a real keyboard because there are instance when you are using a tablet there are delays in which will turn out that you have already misspelled a word.


My thoughts about TextBlade

In addition, you can also use this keyboard on your smartphone as long as it has a Bluetooth. I have already tried writing an article on my 5-inch display smartphone and it took me an hour to finish a 300 word article because of typing errors, capitalization and punctuation.

If I will given a chance to use this TextBlade keyboard, I’m pretty sure I can finish it in less than an hour but I may not use my typing skills proficiently because of its layout. I might need to practice a few times for me to master this new keyboard, but for sure this is a good combo for 4.5-5 inches smartphone because of its relative size.

WayTools Grant Program for Elementary Schools

WayTools is now reviewing applications for grants to be awarded this summer. Who knows, maybe your school will be the next to use these cool technology. WayTools awards grants based on merit, after reviewing the efficacy of results that schools have achieved with limited resources. Schools in need with current iPad programs may apply for a TextBlade grant by writing to [email protected].

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