USB Mini Fridge


The USB Mini fridge is an innovative product designed to keep your beverage cooler for a longer period of time located just a few centimeter with your computer, because It’s really irritating to walk to the fridge just to get a cool beverage while we are at the computer. It will break the concentration off. But now there is a cool way to cool up our drink while playing games, doing your office work, or school project. This latest technology uses the 5V power from the USB port to operate, no need for a battery or power cords. The product is designed to really look like a miniature fridge complete with a cool door design and an internal LED light.

This latest device can chill the soda to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. All we have to do is just plug this cool device into the USB port. Just seconds after that, the cold plate will be on duty in chilling up our soda. There are of course limitations on the product, although you can feel significant temperature drop in the plate after just 5 minutes, don’t expect it to freeze or ice cold anything. Also due to dimension constraints, only sizes similar to regular in-can sodas can fit the fridge. This USB Mini Fridge looks cool beside your computer on any desk. It has 7.5” tall x 3.5” wide x 3.5” deep. The more fantastic is this gadget also works on Play Station USB port. This is actually works on any device with USB port such as PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and even cable boxes. With this device plugged into your device, you can always have a cool soda next to you.

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