Ultrapak Go Charges Your Smartphone in 15 minutes


uNu’s Ultrapak Go 3,000 mAh portable battery pack is one of the world’s fastest self charging battery pack that can charge your devices to full in 30 minutes. It uses Ultra-X Fast-Charging Technology to store power up to 8X faster than conventional battery packs.

The developer of this external battery claim that your device actually don’t need 3,000 mAh to be fully charged as most smartphone only has 1800 mAh to 2600 mAh of battery so expect that Ultrapak Go can fully charged your device in 15 minutes. It comes with a cord to be connected to your device both compatible to android and iOs devices. It also features a small screen displaying power and time left to recharge. The Ultrapak is priced at US$60.

Powerbank or portable power pack are very in demand nowadays because most of the smartphones created are power hungry specially those devices that use quad core processors. Now you can buy powerbanks anywhere because of the growing demand for this external battery packs there are lots of online sellers and you can get one for a very affordable price also depending on how large its power pack or charging capacity which is usually measured as mAh.

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