Ubisurfer “GPRS Internet Connection”


Have you seen a netbook with GPRS internet connection capabilities? If not here’s your chance. This latest technology named Ubisurfer features a 7-inch, 800 x 480px display, 128MB RAM, Linux operating system, WiFi, builtin speakers for media playback, and 1GB of flash memory storage.

Here comes the GPRS thing, because it it has an embedded dual band SIM card which supplies a totally useful 12 month’s worth of GPRS Internet connection included in the purchase price. What more interesting is its 5p per minute roaming charges, this offer might appeal most mobiler in Europe who want to access the Internet while moving around. You won’t have to worry about any additional expense that comes with a more conventional netbook and mobile broadband dongle. Using VodaFone SIM service you could get 30 hours of browsing a month for £159. The Ubisurfer will be on sale in Maplin soon.

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