Tt eSports BLACK Gaming Mouse – Snow Edition


Tt eSports has unveiled its newest gaming mouse, the BLACK Gaming Mouse – Snow Edition. This ergonomically designed computer mouse has a glossy white surface finish and it is equipped with six programmable buttons and features Avago 5700 DPI laser sensor. I’m sure you will ask where is the “black” thing on this mouse, as we know that color on the product name will simply portray to our mind that the mouse is colored black not white which we are seeing right now. Actually the name of this mouse is Black and this is a snow edition that’s why you can see its white as a snow. At first, I thought it used the word “black” to denote being high of quality like other pc peripherals for example the HDD black which are available in the market. Aside from the Avago 5700 DPI sensor, this gaming mouse all features a blue LED illumination on the mouse wheel, DPI indicator and Dragon logo, a 128kB of onboard memory and a configurable weight system. Tt eSports BLACK Snow Edition has a price of $50 / €50 and should be available next month (April 2014).

If you are searching for an alternative video gaming mouse which is cost effective yet attractive, then you may wish to take a look at my individual evaluation of the Dragon War Phantom Ele-G4 laser gaming mouse and let me understand your ideas about this cool video gaming mouse.

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