Thermaltake Core P5 Wall Mount Ready See-Through Chassis


Thermaltake just took the wraps off on their newest fully modular open frame chassis, dubbed as the Core P5. What’s unique about this case – is that not only you can see the computer peripherals inside, but also you can mount it to the wall like a piece of art. I’ve seen a lot of wall mounted gaming set-ups in our local rig show and online, and I really appreciate how rig enthusiast and modders able to design and conceptualize such case and can still make it look like it was created really by a well-known reputable brand or company.

In terms of the specifications, the Core P5 modular open PC chassis is the ability to support different water cooling setups from different brands, well in my case I’ve already tried EK and XSPC liquid cooling parts and I was really satisfied with these companies for their liquid cooling products which are easy to use and reliable, but before I tried DIY liquid coolers, I’ve started with AIO cooling solutions from different brands such as Corsair, Antec, and Coolermaster which are really good options and setups for beginners who wants to have a hassle-free liquid cooling on their rig.

By just looking on the image, the Core P5 from Thermaltake seems it can handle large size radiators such as 480mm which are used in extreme cooling performance. It also supports multiple hard drives, and every computer peripherals has its own designated position ready to be installed.

I’ve also seen computer tables that doubles as a system case created using glass and acrylic so that every computer parts will be visible from the outside, and to tell you honestly I was really amazed on these kind of ideas and I really want to create my own DIY computer table in the future as it really looks techie and bad-ass.

While waiting for the release date of the Thermaltake Core P5 modular case, you can visit their product page and check other important details. It will be priced at $169.99 and is expected to go on sale this coming 15th of October.

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