TextBlade Keyboard Review


Why TextBlade is the Best Keyboard?

TextBlade Keyboard is a wireless multi-touch magnetic keyboard developed by WayTools. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your mobile device such as tablets and smartphonesWayTools CEO Mark Knighton, and a group of engineers who helped develop the product strongly believes that their keyboard should be smaller than the iPhone and iPad device.

TextBlade is one of the best and unique keyboard so far, it is too small that it can easily fit in your pocket and it can also be disassembled as its main parts are connected using magnet.

This compact keyboard individual parts hold together magnetically in place where each piece has 4 multi-touch buttons that covers the full roman character spectrum.

WayTools collapsible magnetic keyboard also comes with a simple stand to hold your Android and iOS smartphone/tablet for the best possible viewing angle.

How TextBlade Works?


You just need to lay down the TextBlade magnetic keyboard individual parts on your table and once paired to your device via Bluetooth, you can start typing. This latest keyboard has 4 major components:  two blades that have a total of eight keys combined,  a space bar that houses the device’s battery, 10 LEDs for notifications, and a Nano stand for iPhone or an iPad. It also comes with a Nano charger that will easily fit into its space bar. It features fast-charging technology that will fill-up the device in 60 minutes and then you can use it again for a whole month.


Each of the eight keys supports several different features, a function that WayTools refers to as MultiLayering. Like when you press the green layer using your thumb you can then use the symbols and numbers on the keyboard.

There are also home row cursor similar to the conventional keyboards, but to access it you need to press the “edit” keys first together with the arrow directional key.

This unique wireless keyboard also features “smart selection” where you can highlight text by character, word, or even by line while  pressing the ‘edit + select’ keys then the  corresponding keys. You can also perform shortcuts like cut, copy and paste easily as well as the undo and redo functions.

Watch the promotional video how TextBlade keyboard works below.


TextBlade Advantages to Other Keyboards


This compact wireless keyboard is perfect for those working individuals who wants a clutter-free desk. If you have noticed,  most wireless keyboards are bulky and I’m pretty sure not all of us will bring their bulky keyboard anywhere they go for them to finish their work. This fully functioning keyboard is 15 times smaller of a standard sized keyboard and it has a good battery life which is said to lasts up to a single month on a single charge and can be fast charge on any USB port.

Availability and Pricing

WayTool’s TextBlade is available for $99 and over 70 countries already ordered this product. It comes with a 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer service. I’ll keep you posted once this cool keyboard arrives here in the Philippines. For more information, you can visit the link below.


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