Solid State Drive

Corsair 240GB Neutron GTX SSD

Today we will have a brief look at Corsair’s Neutron GTX 240GB Solid State Drive. The Neutron GTX (CSSD-N240GBGTXB-BK) coming in 240GB capacity uses Toshiba 24nm MLC toggle-mode NAND flash memory and includes some enterprise-level technology designed to enhance reliability. Corsair’s Neutron GTX is the first solid-state drive that features a brand-new eight-channel controller from …

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Corsair Force GT SSD

Corsair has announced its latest solid state drive namely Force GT SSD. This newest storage device uses the latest SandForce SF-2000 SSD processor and is said to utilize SATA III / 6GB/s interface to deliver outstanding performance.  This solid state drive features a read speed of 520Mb/s and write speed of 500Mb/s and will come …

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