Swatch Touch Zero One Smartwatch Specs, Pricing & Release Date


Swatch, one of the best Swiss watchmakers has already decided to compete with the growing market of smartwatches by announcing its very first smartwatch called Touch Zero One. This smartwatch features a bright color design and will use an NFC (near field communication) chip enabling mobile payments which is a rare feature for a wearable gadget I must say, because most of the new wearables are focus on mobile notifications, fitness and health tracker, and etc.

In addition, the CEO said the Swatch smartwatch will also include limited technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and will come up with their own mobile payments service with a signed agreement with China UnionPay, Swiss Bank, and Credit card companies.

The Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch will costs you around $160 which is relatively affordable compared to other smartwatches available now in the market. The STZO is expected to be release In Switzerland and other ‘BIG COUNTRY’ in the next few months, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said during a company meeting.

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