Sony Walkman B150 Sporty Player

Sony has introduced its latest portable walkman which is known as Sony Walkman B150 Sporty Player. This is a device which is intended for those who are music lovers. The said walkman looks very cool because of its unique design and it is available in four different colors including red, blue, pink, and black and it is available in two storage capacity – 2GB and 4GB (Sony Walkman NWZ-B152F/NWZ-B152 and Sony Walkman NWZ-B153F/NWZ-B153).Its feature includes the following: it has FM radio with memory up to 30 stations and recording function; 3-link color LCD screen; voice recorder; removable plastic tap, USB 2.0 Connector; it also supports the MP3 and WMA files and it has the so called the ZAPPIN technology for easy searching purposes. The battery of this walkman can last up to 18 hours of non-stop playing and it has a quick charging function because for 3 minutes of charging it can give you a 90 minutes music play. It also has a dimension of 90.9 mm X 23.3 mm X 15.2 mm

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