Sony NGP “Next Generation Portable” Gaming Console

Sony has announced its latest technology which is said to be the PSP’s successor called Sony NGP which stands for Next Generation Portable, though it’s not the gaming console’s final name. As you can see this gaming gadget has a large display to be specific, a 5-inch OLED screen. It has also two micro-analog sticks,  front and rear camera, and a touchpad on the rear as well. Hideo Kojima claimed that you can “enjoy the same quality as PlayStation 3” while playing your favorite games with this handheld. He also cited an example where in you can continue a game played on your PS3 at home in this gadget if you need to go somewhere and then play it again at the PS3 when you got home. There’s still no information regarding the NGP’s price but it is expected to hit the market at the end of 2011. Here are the detailed specs of NGP, straight from Sony’s website.

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