Sony MDR-NC300D Earphone


Good News for all music lovers out there, Sony has released their new techie headset with fascinating features. Sony MDR-NC300D earphone is a noise cancellation headset in the ear that has three different modes for the noise cancellation mode; A mode (General and Movie mode), B mode (Airplane Mode), and C mode (train, bus, car, office).  It requires a single AA cell, which can provide about 20 hours of noise suppression.According to Sony, it has capable of removing up to 98.4% of unwanted noise and has a sensitivity of 6Hz – 24,000Hz, an 16 impedance, and 16mm drivers.

Product Description

Information Sheet

Up to 98.4% ambient noise reduction.
Uses Sony exclusive digital signal processing technology for incredible ambient noise reduction of up to 98 percent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Automatic optimal selection for use in three acoustically different environments including on an airplane, on a train and in the office.

Built-in digital equalizer.
Superb digital audio quality with rich bass and crisp mid and high-range.

Comfort and style.
The lightweight, ear-conscious design ensures hours of comfortable use.

Unique feature
A built-in monitor function allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking off the headphones. Perfect for listening to announcements, flight attendants, or any external sound without the need to take the headphones off.

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