Sony Ericsson Aino Unlocked Version


Good news for all Sony Ericson Aino fans, because you can now get the latest Aino Unlocked version in the US market for $600 without the hassle to sign any contract with provider. This latest device of Sony Ericson is available through Sony’s Online store.

The Sony Ericsson Aino phone is a techie smartphone with a 3-inch 432 x 240 touchscreen equipped with 8.1MP camera with image stabilization, a high-end user interface and PS3 Remote Play support. PS3 Remote Play support allows users to power on the gaming console, access the Internet, play locally-stored media, or navigate the interface. The 3-inch display presents virtual buttons that replicate the PS3’s controller layout.

The Aino also offers 3G data over EDGE networks, DLNA certification, an FM radio, and GPS. Other features includes Wi-Fi connectivity, Stereo Bluetooth headphones and 8GB microSD memory card, plus a USB connector cable.

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