Sleek Audio SA7 Earphone

Sleek Audio, one of the manufacturers of earphone has finally introduced its latest earphone dubbed as the SA7 Earphone. This newest earphone is made from military-grade solid aluminum which aids to improve its sound quality and carbon fiber composite weave .It is protected by silicone which can help to absorb shock and can bear up to 14,000 Gs. SA7 earphone includes dual ultra-wide band balanced sonic cannons, titanium hexagonal plate connector, variable equalization system, adjustable sound signature, and replaceable cables which means that you can keep your ear phone for a long time. Aside from its many unique features the design of the said earphone is very unique and it looks very cool. But the most interesting feature of this earphone is that you can use it wired or wireless. This pair of earphone is not yet available in the market but it will be shipping some point in 2010. It cost for about $350-$400 for wired but if you prefer the wireless one there will be an additional of $100 which make it for about $450-$500.

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