Sirius XM SkyDock for iPhone 3GS


The holding company for two satellite radio services (Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio), Sirius XM Radio, Inc. has announced its latest first in-car device that able to receive live satellite radio using an iPod touch or iPhone, named as XM SkyDock. Even without active internet connection, still you can receive signal with this techie device. It has a built-in XM tuner (controlled by XM SkyDock App).

The XM SkyDock comes with SIRIUS XM’s patent-pending PowerConnect technology, which simplifies Do-It-Yourself vehicle installation, working through the existing vehicle radio and making it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. An Aux In Cable is a standard in-box accessory to facilitate Aux In connections in vehicles with Aux In capability. Accessories include Magnetic Mount Antenna and spacers to accommodate the various iPod touch and iPhone product generations. It will also charge your iPhone when in use, pretty a double-duty peripheral for iPhone. It will hit the store later in the year for $120 + $13 monthly subscription fee.

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