Sharp 3D HD camera for Mobile Devices


Sharp Corporation has introduced its world’s first and latest 3D HD Camera Module for mobile devicesThis could be the best smartphone camera that can be purchased separately and installed on your device. This external camera module has the capacity to capture high quality 3D video images using a progressive scanning system.

The 3DHD camera can record videos for both the left and right eyes, then it will automatically process both images, this is possible because of its unique features the Color Synchronizing Processing for adjusting color and brightness purpose, Timing Synchronizing Processing to synchronize the timing of the video signals, and Optical Axis Control Processing technologies to correct the position of the videos.

In addition to that this camera also includes Fast Readout Technology which can easily transfer video data from the image sensors and it enables 3D images to be captured in high-resolution HD mode. Apparently it is not yet available in the market but it is expected to be out sometime this July 2010 and the information about the price has not yet reveal.

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