Self Stirring Mug for Lazy Geeks

Self Stirring Mug Review

self-stirring-mug-lookIf you love drinking hot coffee or choco in the morning, but lazy to stir using a spoon or stirrer then this Self Stirring Mug might be perfect for you.

The Keimav Quality Self Stirring Mug is available in Lazada website for 284php for set of 2, or you can purchase a single mug for 230php.

For international buyers, you can used the link below which is the same item.

[amazonjs asin=”B009AKGNIY” locale=”US” title=”Fun Gadgets Plain lazy – self stiring mug – Color may vary”]

Product Quality and Packaging


For the quality I must say you get what you pay for. For the price of $6 or 284php for a set of 2 with such functionality is worth it for me I guess, and besides all I just want is to have a mug that can stir what’s inside without using a spoon. The mug itself is made of stainless steel and plastic with a dimension of approx. 14 cm x 11 cm x 8.5 cm. It also comes with a handy lid to stop accidental spills.

In terms of packaging, the item I’ve ordered arrived to me with a very secure packaging, lots of bubble wrap lol. Although, I’m quite disappointed as I’ve clearly ordered a black set, not a red one.

We’ve decided that not to return it to Lazada because we just want to test it and I hope on our next order, we will receive the right color described on their product descriptions.

Actually before I ordered this item, there was a feedback on the product that he also ordered a black set, but instead he got a green and a black one. So for those who are planning to order, you might want to send an email to them asking for stock of the color your prefer so that you will not be disappointed.

What I really love with Lazada is their fast delivery, I’ve ordered the mug yesterday around 3:00 PM, and I received the item this morning. That’s less than 24 hours!

How it works?

The idea of the self stirring mug is pretty simple, it has a mini propeller-like stirrer on the base which spins powerful enough to mix the content of the mug when you press the stir button located on the handle. The stirring mechanism utilized a DC motor beneath the mug powered by 2 x AAA batteries which can be purchased separately as the mug didn’t come with free batteries FYI.

For the testing process, I’ve fully charged my 2 x AAA energizer batteries and will update this post how long it lasts.

The Stirrer Inside The Mug
The Lazy Stir Button
2 x AAA Batteries to power up the mug

Self Stirring Mug in Action

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