Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB External Hard Drive

Seagate has announced its latest storage device called Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB external hard drive. What’s unique about this storage is that – it can be access using wireless technology by any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV) because of its built-in wireless interface aside from using its removable sata interface. The Seagate Wireless Plus has an internal battery which can lasts up to 10 hours of usage. It can also connect using cloud technology where it can sync with your Dropbox and Google drive accounts. It can also connect to DLNA devices like what I’ve mentioned Smart TV’s and Airplay.


It is currently priced at $199.99 and this external drive has a removable SATA interface which can be replaced with a FireWire 800 (available this coming fall) or Thunderbolt adapter for an additional $99 or you can use the older GoFlex adapter like the one that I’ve been using right now and it costs around $24.99.

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