Satechi’s AirBass Active Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker? You might want to check Satechi’s AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers. Since most of the latest technology is getting smaller and smaller, it’s easier to pack cool gadgets inside your bag. This Bluetooth speakers feature a 2-piece speaker system with a maximum power output of 20W (10Wx2) and can play up to a range of 32 feet. It also has a 3.5mm stereo mini jack and it is compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR enabled devices. The Satechi AirBass Active Bluetooth Speakers are available now, perfect audio solution for crystal clear audio at home or the office without the need of larger space because of its compact design. You can choose for a glossy black or white finish to match any room aesthetic. The speakers also have a USB port of 1 AMP, for recharging phones and such. Yes, you can also use it as a battery pack if you’re in the need. Get one now for a price of $99.99.

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