Sanyo’s Latest Gadget: New Line of Xacti HD Camcorders


Sanyo has announced its latest additon on its line of XACTI camcorders for the Japanese market. The model numbers are slightly different, though. The Japanese market CG110 will be called the CG102 here while the DMX-SH11 was renamed the GH2. All three of Sanyo’s new Xacti camcorders will shoot widescreen 1080i AVCHD (H.264) video and features a “double-range zoom” that can extend to 5X zoom and jump to 12X zoom as needed, while the CG102 has the same specs and now the GH2 rocks a 10.2MP sensor instead of the 14.4MP. These latest gadgets support SDXC memory cards between 64GB and 2TB of storage.  They will begin shipping this month, with the GH2 and CG102 selling for $229, while the CG20 will be available for $199.

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