Samsung’s Wireless Charger


Samsung’s wireless charger was recently spotted at the FCC. This wireless charger was designed for Samsung’s upcoming wireless supported smartphones as well as their rumored smartwatch called Orbis.

I’ve posted about this rumor a few weeks ago where Samsung recently announced that they had big plans for wireless charging this year, although they haven’t confirmed that it is the new Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature wireless charging.

The above photo of the Samsung wireless charger model: EP-PG920I which was posted by the FCC looks like a round device and I’m sure it will be large enough for you to lay down your smartphone and wirelessly charge.

If you are about to ask what could be the possible advantages of using such wireless charging technology? Well aside from you don’t need power cables anymore and you will have a clutter-free desk, charging is also said to be faster compared to removable batteries and longer battery life. That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated once I’ve gathered new information about this kind of technology.

Source: FCC

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