Samsung World’s First DDR4 Memory Modules

I’m quite sure that many computer users still haven’t yet experience how fast a DDR3 is when used on a desktop computer or laptop. In my cased I’m using DDR3 modules on my laptop and the difference among DDR1 and DDR2 is significantly fast. So the question is how fast would it be if we will use DDR4 memory? Speaking of this technology, Samsung has just announced the world’s first DDR4 DRAM memory modules, using 30 nanometer class process technology. DDR4 is set to replace DDR3 and bring with it 40% greater energy efficiency. The module makes use of Pseudo Open Drain (POD), a new technology that has been adapted to high-performance graphic DRAM. Transfer rates at 2.133Gbps at a voltage setting of 1.2V and can be max out up to 3.2Gbps on higher voltages. There’s still no information regarding its release date and pricing.

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